Mister Supranational Bolivia 2019


Wilder Suarez Ortiz is Mister Supranational Bolivia 2019. He is 21 years old and stands 1.9m tall. Wilder is currently a student of Marketing/Neuro Marketing and is a Leader Networker. He enjoys modeling, acting and DJ-ing.


Apart from representing his country at the 4th edition of Mister Supranational, Wilder hopes to release new techno and techno-house grooves music material in the near future. His long-term goals include becoming a well-known actor and DJ. He is inspired by one of Michael Jordan’s famous quotes, “You have to expect great things from yourself before doing them.”


Welcome to the #Suprafamily, Wilder and see you in Poland!

Mister Supranational Netherlands 2019


Mitch Hart is Mister Supranational Netherlands 2019. He is 31 years old and stands 1.83m tall. Mitch is a police officer and lives in Amsterdam. In his free time, he enjoys playing the piano and guitar and loves listening to music. One of his other great passions is fitness. He enjoys spending time in the gym and helping some of his clients develop their knowledge and skills in this area.


In the future, Mitch hopes to be the face of a well-known fitness or fashion brand. He also dreams of inspiring others with his dedication towards fitness, great personality and positive mindset. Mitch is a firm believer in the saying, “Great things do not come from comfort zones.”


Welcome to the #Suprafamily, Mitch hard. See you in Poland!

Mister Supranational 2019 To Take Place on December 7 in Silesia Province


Gerhard Parzutka von Lipinski, President of the Mister Supranational Organization, announced today that Poland’s Silesia Province will host the final of the 4th Mister Supranational Competition for the first time on December 7.

“Silesia Province is known for its rich fascinating history, scenic landscapes and rich mineral and natural resources. The successful economic transformation that has been brought about here in recent years is an example to the world of what can be achieved with “Positive Energy”, which is the slogan of the province. Combining traditional industry with modern technology, Silesia has managed to adapt to the modern-day social and economic challenges,” says Mr. Parzutka von Lipinski.


“This year we will showcase to the world what Silesia Province is all about and I am delighted to bring the Mister Supranational Competition here for the first time. Expect to learn more about the beauty of this province and the many tourist attractions such as the Industrial Monuments Route, which represents the industrial heritage of this region,” adds Parzutka von Lipinski.

Approximately 40 young men from across the world will travel to Poland to compete for the title of Mister Supranational 2019. The pageant will be telecasted to viewers in more than 130 countries. The reigning Mister Supranational, Prathamesh Maulingkar from India, will hand over his title to the next winner at the conclusion of the event.




The Mister Supranational Competition was created in 2016 and was held in the beautiful city of Krynica-Zdroj, Poland.  The first ever group of contestants came from almost 40 countries around the world. Today, after 3 years, it is known as the leading competition of its kind for men. Mister Supranational has developed into one of the world’s most prestigious live TV shows. The show’s television audience has grown remarkably quickly and now reaches an estimated audience of more than 380 million television viewers around the world.  Our growing social media presence adds to that number.

For more information, contact info@mistersupranational.com  

Mister Supranational Algeria 2019


Amar Mohammedi (29) from Algiers is the first Mister Supranational Algeria. He stands 1.85m tall and holds a degree in English Language and Literature. His hobbies are working out, traveling to learn more about new cultures and taking part in charitable activities.


Mister Supranational Algeria 2019 is a fitness enthusiast. He has a black belt in karate and is a full contact champion. Amar also works as a fitness coach and personal trainer. In the future, he aims to pursue opportunities in the film and fashion industries.


Welcome to the Suprafamily, Mister Algeria. See you in Poland.

Mister Supranational Indonesia 2019

8. Enrique (The Best Body).jpg

19 year old Enrique Dustin is Mister Supranational Indonesia 2019. He stands 1.82m tall and is based in Jakarta. Henrique is currently studying Economics majoring in Branding. He is also a fitness influencer and fitness trainer.

8. Enrique - Banten 1.jpg

His biggest passion and hobby is working out, so he spends most of his time doing fitness and functional training. He wants to inspire young people to start living a healthy lifestyle from a young age. As he is also still young, he want to encourage other people of his age to follow their dreams regardless of their age.

Welcome to the #suprafamily and see you in Poland, Mister Supranational Indonesia!

Mister Supranational Romania 2019


Bogdan Nicolae (31) from Bucharest is Mister Supranational Romania 2019. He stands 1.85m tall and speaks Romanian, Spanish and English fluently. Bodgan holds a degree in Business Management and a Masters in Computer Engineering. He is currently working as a business analyst and model. Since 2015, our Mister Supranational Romania has been working in the fashion industry working with well-known brands from Spain and Romania in several Fashion weeks and posing for fashion magazine such us Vogue, Schön and Cosmopolitan.


Traveling, business, sports, fashion, business and understanding different cultures are amongst the things that make Bogdan happy. He trains in the gym 5-6 a week to stay fit, enjoys running outdoors to stay connected to nature and dancing.


In the future, Bogdan wants to be a successful entrepreneur and open a charity association to help children without a roof. He lives by the motto“Beauty isn’t about appearance, the important factor is inner beauty- humility, respect for others, ambition, being the best version of yourself and a role model for others”

See you in Poland, Mister Supranational Romania 2019!

Mister Supranational Mexico 2019


Gustavo Dousset Ayala (22) was recently chosen to be Mister Supranational Mexico 2019. He comes from Huatabumpo, Sonoro, stands 1.86m tall and is currently a student of Business Administration. Gus is currently also a model in his free time and is taking English classes in preparation for his participation in the 4th edition of Mister Supranational.


His hobbies include making new friends, dancing and taking part in sports. He is passionate about helping others and educating others about the benefits of living a healthy life. In the future, he aspires to complete his degree, work for a well-known company and develop his modeling and acting careers. Gus believes that anything is possible with hard work and dedication. He believes that humility and gratitude for life are qualities every person should possess. Gus is also an advocate for environmental awareness.


Welcome to the #Suprafamily and see you in Poland, Mister Supranational Mexico!

Mister Supranational Philippines 2019


Denver Hernandez (25) from Manila has been selected to hold the title of Mister Supranational Philippines 2019. He stands 1.78m tall and is currently working as a financial consultant. His hobbies include sports, music, cooking and traveling. Denver describes himself as fearless and someone who never gives up.


Being a fitness enthusiast, Denver hopes to use his platform to empower people through fitness. One of the goals for the future is to become the most influential figure in the fitness industry in his country. He would also like to be a successful businessman.


Welcome to the #suprafamily and see you in Poland, Denver!

Mister Supranational South Africa 2019


22 year old law student, Rushil Jina, was named the first ever Mister Supranational South Africa at the Supranational Fashion Show Extravaganza last month. Rushil is from Johannesburg, stands 1.89m tall and he is currently in his third year of studies. He is also a model and actor in his free time. The new Mister Supranational South Africa has a love for the art of dance as he believes it is a form of expressing one's self, without the use of words. In his free time, he enjoys taking long walks, working out and socializing.


Rushil aspires to be a top notch criminal lawyer in the future and also hopes to carve out a career in international modeling as a runway model. He believes that with perseverance, dedication and hard work, he can achieve anything. Rushil has an ambition to help rid the planet of single use plastics and does clean up campaigns around his neighborhood with his close friends. He is also the Director of the "Caring hearts, Helping Hands" foundation where he regularly cooks on open fires and feeds those less fortunate than himself. Welcome to the Suprafamily, Rushil!


Mister Supranational Suriname 2019


21 year old Artly Voorburg is Mister Supranational Suriname 2019. Artly, who stands 1.7m tall, is currently studying Personal Training and Finance. He is currently working as a barber, bartender and personal trainer to finance his studies. One of his proudest achievements is starting small businesses from a young age to ensure his financial freedom and independence.


Arty is a firm believer that discipline, hard work and passion will help people achieve their goals. His motto in life is: “Without discipline you won’t start, and most of all, without commitment you won’t finish. He hopes to inspire other young people with his fitness ethic. In the future, Artly hopes to achieve great success in any career he enters into. See you in Poland, Mister Suriname!


Prathamesh Honored with Pride of India Award


Mister Supranational, Prathamesh Maulingkar, received the Pride of India Award from the Managing Director of the Times of India Group, Mr. Vineet Jain, and Natasha Grover, Brand and Operations Head of the Miss and Mister India Organization. The award was presented to him during the Miss India Awards Gala Night in Mumbai and celebrates his success as the first Indian and Asian winner of the Mister Supranational title.


“I am so honored to receive such a big award. It is by far the biggest achievement of my career so far. My goal was always to do myself, my family and my country proud. So this award is a dream come true,” an elated Prathamesh said after the event.

Congratulations, Prathamesh! You are an exceptional young man and your Suprafamily is SUPRA proud of you!

Adventures with Elephants


The Supra team traveled to Bela Bela in South Africa's Limpopo Province during their visit to the country to learn more about elephant conservation at the Rory Hensman Conservation and Research Unit. The RHCRU is dedicated to the holistic and sustainable conservation of elephants and other wildlife in a modernizing Africa. Former Miss Supranational South Africa, Belinde Schreuder, is an ambassador for this organization. She invited Miss Supranational, Valeria Vazquez, Mister Supranational, Prathamesh Maulingkar, and Mister Supranational South Africa, Rushil Jina, to learn more about these majestic creatures during a two hour visit to 'Adventures With Elephants'.


Poaching is a huge problem in African and many wildlife species are threatened by people who capture or kill them illegally for their fur, horns, tusks or skin. The RHCRU exists in memory of Rory Hensman who made it his mission to give value to elephants by helping people understand them and their value to the world better. His sons Mike and Sean have vowed to continue their father's mission.


Tourists can visit Adventures with Elephants to learn more about these creatures while research is being by the RHCRU at the same time. An adult elephant consumes up to 300kg of food daily - overpopulation in game parks can have a disastrous effects on its ecosystem while underpopulation can threaten the existence of these incredible creatures.


Speaking after the visit, Mister Supranational, Prathamesh Maulingkar said "Poaching is a real problem. Not only in Africa, but also across the world. We have to help make people aware of what will happen if we don’t do something about this. I am very grateful that I could experience the work that is being done here first-hand and learn more about elephants at the same time. "

For more information or to make a small donation that will go towards food for the elephants, please visit www.rhrcu.com

Mister Supranational Dominican Republic 2019


Angel Enrique Holguin was recently named Mister Supranational Dominican Republic 2019. He is 25 years old and stands 1.85cm tall. Angel is from Santo Domingo and is currently a student Business Management. He has been working as actor and has also modelled for top brands in his country. Fitness is one of his top priorities in his free time and he also enjoy reading when he has time to relax.


In the future, Angel wants to be a successful entrepreneur and hopes to own several companies that will focus on his wide range of interests such as a clothing brand (fashion), restaurant (food), and an entertainment company that will focus on concerts (music). He also hopes to be a role model to others by setting a good example of living a good life.


Angel will be joining us at the end of year for the 4th edition of Mister Supranational. The Dominican Republic joined the Mister Supranational Competition last year and achieved a top 10 spot as well as the Mister Supranational Caribbean title. Welcome to the #Suprafamily Angel!

Prathamesh Received by Indian Consul General in Johannesburg


Mister Supranational 2018, Prathamesh Maulingkar, had the honor of being invited to the Indian Consulate in Johannesburg to meet His Excellency Dr. K.J. Srinivasa following the Supranational Fashion Show Extravaganza at Gold Reef City. Dr. Sinivasa graced the event with his presence coming straight in from Namibia to support our Mister Supranational. “I was adamant to attend to show support to you. You have done our country proud and that should be celebrated,” Dr. Sinivasa told Prathamesh.

During their meeting, Mister Supranational and the Consul General spoke about their home states and also discussed the cause Prathamesh is supporting during his year. Dr. Srinivasa also spoke out length about his experiences in South Africa and the African continent, which he described as extremely beautiful.


“We are very proud of you and I will follow your journey this year with great interest. You can also count on my support in the future. I wish you all the very best and I know that you will continue to make India proud,” Dr. Srinivasa said. Speaking about his meeting with the Consul General, Prathamesh said, “Meeting His Excellency was an incredible and humbling experience for me. I really appreciate his support and encouragement.”

Supranational Fashion Show Extravaganza in Johannesburg


Mister Supranational, Prathamesh Maulingkar, and Miss Supranational, Valeria Vazquez, recently took to the ramp in Johannesburg, South Africa to showcase the work of up and coming designers during the Supranational Fashion Show Extravaganza at Gold Reef City. Our Supra stars dazzled the audience with their catwalk skills and had the South African audience on their feet by the end of the show.


The evening’s compere, Miss South Africa 2015, Liesl Laurie, interviewed Prathamesh about his recipe for success. Speaking about his journey from footballer to model to Mister Supranational, Prathamesh told the audience his story of how an injury forced him out of the highest level of competitive football. He explained that it led him on a different path, which ultimately helped him to become Mister Supranational 2018. “I’ve learned in my life to never give up. You fall down 7 times and you get up 8,” he said to loud applause from the enthusiastic crowd.


At the conclusion of the event, the countries first ever Mister Supranational South Africa was elected. 22 year old Rushil Jina was named as Mister Supranational South Africa 2019. The law student from Johannesburg, who stands 1.89m tall, will compete for the 2019 Mister Supranational title later this year.

Prathamesh to Attend Launch of Mister Supranational South Africa


The reigning Mister Supranational, Prathamesh Maulingkar, will travel to South Africa next week to attend the official launch of the Mister Supranational South Africa Competition. Prathamesh will be joined by Miss Supranational, Valeria Vazquez, in Johannesburg for the Supranational Fashion Show Extravaganza on May 9th at the Barnyard Theater, Gold Reef City.


During his time in South Africa, Prathamesh will be meeting the Indian High Commissioner in South Africa and take part in television and radio interviews. He will also be visiting the Rory Hensman Conservation and Research Project for Elephants with Valeria, the new Mister Supranational South Africa and Miss Supranational South Africa 2018, Belinde Schreuder.

After his visit to Johannesburg, Prathamesh will be traveling to Cape Town from May 14-17.

To attend the official Mister Supranational South Africa launch, click on the link below:


New National License Holders in Indonesia


The Mister Supranational Organization is delighted to announce that the Mister Supranational national franchise for Indonesia has been awarded to Nutrifood. Their L-Men of the Year competition will serve as the official national preliminary to find a contestant to represent Indonesia on the Mister Supranational stage.

“For almost 40 years, Nutrifood has been committing to share and contribute on how people could live a joyful, nutritious life through leading and reputable brands, one of which is L-Men. Founded in Semarang, Indonesia, Nutrifood has been distributing the products all across more than 30 countries. Our business is developed based on scientific knowledge. Together with the academic community, we shall continuously search for more knowledge and findings, in order to increase people's wellness,” explains Nutrifood CEO, Mardi Wu.

Indonesia’s representative for Mister Supranational 2019 will be selected from the L-Men of the Year Competition.

Indonesia’s representative for Mister Supranational 2019 will be selected from the L-Men of the Year Competition.

“L-Men, nutrition for men, has been innovatively inspiring and helping men perform optimally, through ideal body and healthy lifestyle. L-Men has been distributed nationally and internationally, through markets and also online marketplaces. By partnering with Mister Supranational, L-Men aims to exponentially inspire more men to practice healthy and positive lifestyle. We would also gladly promote Mister Supranational along with the values through our online and offline promotional assets,” Wu continued.

The President of the Mister Supranational Organization, Gerhard von Lipinski, welcomes Nutrifood as the official new license holders of the Mister Supranational franchise in Indonesia. “I have great faith in this organization and look forward to a positive and successful partnership as we strengthen the brand in Indonesia.”

New National Director in the United Kingdom


The Miss and Mister Supranational Organization is pleased to announce that Saaish Shhetey has been appointed as the new national director for Miss and Mister Supranational in the United Kingdom. The search for the representatives of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland at the 11th edition of Miss Supranational and the United Kingdom at the 4th edition of Mister Supranational will commence immediately.

"We are delighted to welcome Saaish Shhetey onboard and we are looking forward to see what he does to take the Miss and Mister Supranational brand in the United Kingdom to the highest possible level as we celebrate our first decade. Mr. Shhetey comes with a wealth of experience and we are very optimistic that he will do excellent work in the United Kingdom," Mister Gerhard Parzutka von Lipinski, President of the Miss and Mister Supranational Organization, commented.



Saaish Shhetey has always been a leading, pivotal and a thorough professional mentor with coachsaaish.com which specialises in personality development coaching for pageants, individuals, corporates and new businesses. He is a natural combination of business acumen with creativity and innovation.

At the age of 39, Saaish is not only an experienced pageant coach but also a model & actor scout, modelling & acting mentor, catwalk trainer, choreographer, casting agent for many aspiring & established fashion designers (locally and internationally), models & actors, events etc. and a fashion consultant himself. He has been a part-time Sanford Meisner trained actor himself and has been working on and off camera.

‘He firmly believes that no work is big or small’ and he leads it by example. Saaish has not only done many corporate films, short feature films and adverts in leading and parallel leading roles but has also done several commercials some of which include eBay zombie commercial, Australian Superstore Coles Commercial, Hotel Premiere Inn, Tesco Christmas commercial, Capital one credit card, Vitality health insurance, British Airways etc. He has a fair & extensive theatre experience and has also been part of few ginormous immersive theatre projects in London, in which he has trained many aspiring actors.

He has recently associate produced a feature film called ‘Into the Mirror’ which has now won many awards and accolades such as best feature film in LGBTQ category, best actor in lead role, best original sound and best director too in various film festivals like New Renaissance Film Festival, Crystal Palace Film Festival, in UK and abroad too. The film very clearly touches upon the personal and social issues of bullying and how a bullied boy Danny finds his own identity, gets his life’s answers pertaining to his true-self in this alternative world.

Saaish’s journey to follow his passion and his dream to make a significant mark in entertainment industry began in Mumbai, India, since 2009 through his company MotionMinds Entertainment ltd. He gained immense popularity in the relevant entertainment industry by doing some major projects in casting for TV and films, launching and training many aspiring & established models, actors, choreographing and conceptualizing many popular fashion events, launching fashion designers and managing new business development for small and medium enterprises.

Having done his Masters in Marketing and Sales from abroad and with his 12 years of multi-sector (Fashion, Films, Entertainment, Telecom, Media, IT, Finance) experience, he is a mastermind in Personality Development, Pageant Coaching, Marketing, Business development, Fashion & Media and Event management. Exceptional networking skills and his unmatched presence of mind has endeavoured him to work not only in corporate world but also Film & TV fraternity in UK & India.


He believes that all individuals have all the necessary skillset. With just a little push and finesse, your dream goal can be achieved. With utmost sincerity, he focuses on every individual’s requirements and helps identify and develop his/her very unique signature style which is absolutely necessary to differentiate oneself from everyone to deliver an extra-ordinary performance.
Saaish is also a global director for designer acquisitions and fashion consultant with one of the major New York fashion labels and on panel model trainer for UK, Middle East, Asia Pacific, India and Africa. He has also choreographed many fashion events including London Fashion Week and been a valuable mentor and a performance coach to many pageants in UK.

Saaish is an extremely positive-minded individual and is fully confident that he can change the rough rides to a smooth sailing one. He brings with him strong and clear focus, go-getter attitude, humility and several years of experience.
His favourite quote is by Mr. Gordon B Hinckley –
“Gratitude is the beginning of wisdom. Stated differently, true wisdom cannot be obtained unless it is built on a foundation of true humility and gratitude.”

He says that the key to his success is his humbleness and gratitude towards his parents, family, teachers, mentors, friends and every single individual who has taught him and contributed to his little success. He is also a silent supporter to many charity projects and also is a sponsor for two children’s education in his native town. Saaish believes in smart, innovative work and is always willing to go ‘the’ extra mile to achieve results. He is a firm believer, that variety is true spice of life and change is the only changeless law.

Prathamesh Supports Great Cause in Vietnam


Mister Supranational, Prathamesh Maulingkar, visited the Linh Son Pagoda Orphanage in Ho Chi Minh City with Nguyen Ngoc Chau, the reigning Miss Supranational Vietnam, and Minh Tu Nguyen, Miss Supranational 2018 top 10 finalist and Miss Supranational Asia. The visit was organized by the Miss and Mister Supranational Vietnam Organization.


Sixty two children are currently cared for at the Linh Son Pagoda and the team spent 2 hours visiting the orphanage. Prathamesh and Mister Supranational Creative Director presented the Head of the Orphanage a donation of VND 5,000,000 and hampers of products that they need for their work.


“It was an honor for me to spend time with the children here. The joy and happiness on their faces made the day very special. I was very touched by the dedication of the staff and I hope to be back again for another visit. These children deserve a happy childhood, like all other children in this world,” Prathamesh said as he thanked the management for the work they do.

Mister Supranational Vietnam Contest Launched


Mister Supranational, Prathamesh Maulingkar, and Miss Supranational, Valeria Vazquez, attended a press conference earlier today in Ho Chi Minh City to launch the first ever Mister Supranational Vietnam Competition. Mister Gerhard Parzutka von Lipinski congratulated the Miss Supranational Vietnam Organization on this step by saying he is delighted to strengthen the Supra family’s relationship with the Dream Team we have in Vietnam.


“I am very honored to be heading this challenge as we look for an exceptional delegate for our country,” said National Director Mr. Minh Trunh of the HD Group. “It’s Vietnam’s time to shine! And we will deliver!” he continued. Prathamesh explained what the title meant to him and told the media contingent he is excited about welcoming Vietnam’s first ever delegate to the 4th Mister Supranational Competition later this year.