Mister Supranational Philippines 2018

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The election of Mister Supranational Philippines 2018 recently took place in Manila. Marco Poli, 25, 1.94 m-tall, born in Udine, Italy, half Fiipino, was the winner of this title.

Marco is a college student and entrepreneur who enjoys playing football and basketball. Coming from a large family, he has 9 brothers and siters!

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Mister Supranational Philippines has a talent to sing and enjoys cooking. One day he wants to have his own restaurant. Marco is a model with a full agenda in Italy and in the Philippines.

He will join other 40 candidates competing for the title Mister Supranational 2018, on December 8th, in Krynica-Zdroj.

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Welcome, Philippines!

Mister Supranational Puerto Rico 2018

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The election of Mister Supranational Puerto Rico 2018 happened in San Juan, on November 4th, and the winner was Jose Alfredo, 27 years old. 1.82 m-tall.

Jose has a degree in Finance and works for the government of Puerto Rico. He is also a model who speaks Spanish and English. He tells us that soon he is going to have his own business, a nutrition and health gastronomy center.

Mister Supranational Puerto Rico is also a singer and song writer.

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He will be in Poland starting on 25th to compete in Mister Supranational 2018. The final gala event will take place on December 8th, live from Krynica Zdroj.

Welcome, Puerto Rico!

Mister Supranational 2018: find out details about this year´s competition!


On November 25th Mister Supranational 2018 kicks off, with the big final happening on December 8th, in Krynica Zdrój, Poland. It will be the competition´s 3rd edition. The Mister Supranational 2018 title will be disputed by nearly 40 young, ambitious and athletic men from around the world, from South to North América, from the African continent to Europe, from Asia to the Pacific islands!

They will compete not only for the prestigious title, but also for a US$ 12,000 cash prize and other gifts and traveling worth nearly USD 20,000! The final show will be choreographed by the one and only Polish dancer and television star Tomasz Barański (yes, he is back!).

The great Tomasz Barański is back!

The great Tomasz Barański is back!

It will be hosted by the presenter Ola Jordan, a dancer known from the British edition of "Dance with the Stars", Tanic z Gwiazdami, a judge in Poland´s "Dance with the Stars", Polish actress Aleksandra Szwed and Ivan Podrez, a talented Belarusian TV presenter.

The candidates will compete in formal wear, casual wear and in the traditional swimwear competition. They will walk the runway wearing Claudius Scissor collection, by designer Claudius.

The event will start off with some hot and handsome pirates invading the stage! The temperature will raise even more with great performances by Natalia Szroeder, Monika Urlik and Miss Supranational 2011 and pop star Monika Lewczuk. The jury will include the newly elected Miss Supranational 2018 (she will be crowned the night before) and last year's winner Gabriel Correa of Venezuela.

Beautiful and talented: Miss Supranational 2011 and pop sensation Monika Lewczuk will perform on the stage of Mister Supranational 2018.

Beautiful and talented: Miss Supranational 2011 and pop sensation Monika Lewczuk will perform on the stage of Mister Supranational 2018.

"It was a fantastic year in my life", said Gabriel Correa from Venezuela, Mister Supranational 2017. "I visted countries like Korea, Vietnam, USA and Brazil, and met many wonderful people along the way. I will always be grateful to the Mister Supranational organization".

Before the 40 delegates hit the Mister Supranational stage, they will face a series of challenges in beautiful Szczawnica Zdrój. Hosted by the Thermaleo Group - Spa Szczawnica, they will take part in photo sessions, film material productions, and compete in thematic competitions.

On December 1, the preliminary competition will take place at the Dwór Gościnny.

Gabriel Correa, Mister Supranational 2017, from Venezuela. Who will succeed him??

Gabriel Correa, Mister Supranational 2017, from Venezuela. Who will succeed him??



And please don´t forget: every night (Poland time) starting on November 26th, our Facebook Mister Supranational Fan Page will feature chats with the candidates, so that you can get to know them better.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and don´t miss a detail of this exiting competition, which is about to start.

Are you ready??

Mister Supranational New Caledonia 2018


For the second consecutive year, New Caledonia, a special collectivity of France in the southwest Pacific Ocean, will compete in Mister Supranational. Mister Supranational New Caledonia 2018 is Kevin Aubry, 23, 1.74 m-tall, from Nouméa.

Currently working as a merchandiser at a French supermarket in Nouméa, Mister Supranational New Caledonia enjoys playing basketball and football and wants to join his country´s air forces as a fighter pilot.


He believes that nothing in life comes easy, but with determination he can achieve his dreams and goals.

On December 8th, he will try to become Mister Supranational 2018, in Poland.


Welcome, New Caledonia!

Mister Supranational United States 2018


The Mister Supranational United States 2018 pageant recently took place in Los Angeles and the winner was Mister Supranational New Mexico, Nicholas Kotselas. Nicholas is 25 years old, 1.93 m-tall, speaks three languages and is a model and a successful restaurateur.

He runs his family’s Greek restaurant, Olympic Cafe, in San Diego, Califórnia, with the utmost dedication and drive, which translates into everything he sets his mind to. Aside from this, he is a professional model and an avid fitness enthusiast.


Nicholas is now getting prepared to represent the US at Mister Supranational 2018, from November 25th to December 8th.

The Mister Supranational USA 2018 pageant was held on Oct.30, 2018 at the Theatre West in Los Angeles, California.


Congratulations and welcome, USA!

Mister Supranational Japan 2018

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Jiro Matsumoto, 20, 1.81 m-tall, is Mister Supranational Japan 2018. Jito lives in Tokyo and he is a student of Liberal Arts at the Temple University Japan.

Mister Supranational Japan plays soccer and in the future he wants to study Sports Marketing in order to help Japanese athletes to get well positioned in the international market.

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Jiro was actually born in Bangkok, Thailand, when his family was living there. He says that having been brought up in an international environment has helped him to understand better the perspectives and points of view of people in his same age range, no matter where they are from.

He will be joined by representatives of other 40 countries in the search for the title Mister Supranational 2018, on December 8th, in Poland.

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Welcome, Japan!

Mister Supranational Sri Lanka 2018


Tymeron Carvalho, 27 years old, 1.84 m-tall, from Colombo, is Mister Supranational Sri Lanka 2018.

With an advanced diploma in fashion design, Tymo, as he likes to be called, speaks three languages. He has created he´s own brand, which is Tymeron Carvalho, and also works as a part-time model.


An art lover, Mister Supranational Sri Lanka is into painting, scupting, dancing and buiding costumes. Here goes an interesting piece of curiosity: he created the national costume worn by Miss Supranational Sri Lanka and 3rd runner-up at the international competition, Ornella Gunesekere!

He also does counselling for people who faces psychological issues caused by LGBT discrimination.


Tymo will joing other 40+ national titleholders in the search for the Mister Supranational 2018 title, on December 8th, live from Krynica-Zdroj, Poland.

Welcome, Sri Lanka!

Mister Supranational Curaçao 2018

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Quinton Martina, 31, 1.83 m-tall, from Willemstad, is Mister Supranational Curaçao 2018.

Quinton is a model who also works at the cabinet of the Governor of Curaçao. Traveling, bartending and eating are among his favorite activities in life.

The beautiful Caribbean island. of Curaçao will be represented at Mister Supranational for the first time, which means that Quinton is making history!

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Mister Supranational 2018 final will happen on December 8th, in Krynica-Zdroj, Poland, and you can catch it live on the internet.

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Welcome, Curaçao!

Mister Supranational Czech Republic 2018

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In an event recently held in Prague, Jakub Kochta, 24, 1.81 m-tall, from the city of Trnkova, is Mister Supranational Czech Republic 2018.

Jakub is a model and fitness instructor who studied Economics. A sports´ lover, he used to play ice hockey. He played in the USA and in Canada when he was studying in North América.

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Mister Supranational Czech Republic´s main goal in life is a simple one: to be happy!

On December 8th he will be in Krynica Zdroj, competing for the title Mister Supranational 2018.

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Welcome, Czech Republic!

Mister Supranational Argentina 2018

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Jorge Piantelli, 20, 1.88 m-tall, a model from Buenos Aires, is Mister Supranational Argentina 2018.

Jorge studies Journalism and is already working as a television host. Technology development and sports activities are among his hobbies, and he´s a fan of John Paul the II, who, in his view, changed spirituality for better.

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Argentina returns to Mister Supranational after two years and will appear on the live competition, on December 8th, in Krynica Zdroj, Poland.

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Welcome, Argentina!

Mister Supranational Malta 2018

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Benoit Bartolo, 20, from the city of Pieta, was the winner of Mister Supranational Malta 2018. He will now get ready to compete in Mister Supranational 2018, in Poland.

Benoit is a Finance and Administration executive working for the Maltese government. He´s also a model. Traveling, cooking and photography are among the Maltese hunk´s passions.

He loves sports and has been the capitain to Malta´s national basketball team when it won a gold medal in na international tournment.

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Malta will try to conquer its first Mister Supranational title after strong showings in 2016 and 2017. In 2017 this small and stunning Mediterranean island´s representative was elected Mister Supranational Europe, a major achievement without a doubt!

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Welcome, Malta!

Mister Supranational Hawaii 2018

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Jona Kamoku, 33, 1.75 m-tall, from Wailuku, Maui, is the 2018 Mister Supranational Hawaii 2018. Hawaii is returning to the dispute of the Mister Supranational title after two years.

Jona is a spa manager who enjoys doing community service and spending his spare time on the beach.

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He would love to one day meet Ellen Degeneris for her talent, kindness and the way she embraces and promotes diversity.

Hawaii will be presente in Krynica Zdroj on December 8th, when during a 2-hour live telecast the new Mister Supranational will be elected!

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Welcome back, Hawaii!

Mister Supranational Korea 2018

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For the first time South Korea will participate in Mister Supranational. Mister Supranational Korea 2018 is Cheong Woo Park, 29, from the city of Gwang ju.

In addition to being a model and na actor, Park holds a degree in Architecture and works as a construction director. He practice tae kwon do regularly.

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The first Mister Supranational Korea is in to charity and has visited Cambodia to help the poor children of that country.

He will join other 40 finalists on the stage of Mister Supranational 2018, on December 8th, live from Krynica Zdroj, Poland.

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Welcome, Korea!

Mister Supranational Peru 2018

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Andres Vilchez is Mister Surpanational Peru 2018. He is 30 years old and hails from Callao, Lima.

A graduate of Communication Sciences and Interior Design, today he works as a Marketing planner and a model.

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The new Mister Supranational Peru enjoys swimming and being close to the sea. Playing football and practicing kung fu help him keeping his good shape.

He will be in Krynika Zdroj, on December 8th, competing for the title Mister Supranational 2018.

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Welcome, Peru!

Mister Supranational Suriname 2018

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Angelo Wijngaarde, 24, and a native of Paramaribo, is Mister Supranational Suriname 2018. A student of Public Administration currently working at a major department store in Suriname´s capital city, he loves cooking and writing short stories and quotes.

Mister Supranational Suriname keeps his good shape by practing kickboxing.

angelo wijngaarde 4.JPEG

Among his goals in life are having a family and running his own business.

On December 8th he will be in Krynica Zdroj, Poland, competing for the title Mister Supranational 2018.

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Welcome, Suriname!

Mister Supranational Myanmar 2018

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Mister Supranational Myanmar 2018 is Ellis Lwin, 26, from the city of Mohnyin. Good with numbers, Ellis holds a BA in Mathematics and manages his family´s business.

Also a model, Ellis loves to travel and dancing. He is 1.77 m-tall.

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And get this: Mister Supranational Myanmar 2018 speaks 4 languages! We guess he won´t have problems communicating when in Poland, competing for the Mister Supranational 2018 title!

You already know: the final show will be broadcasted live, from Krynica Zdroj, on December 8th.

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Welcome, Myanmar!

Mister Supranational Slovakia 2018

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Ján Palko has been selected as Mister Supranational Slovakia 2018. This 28-year-old personal trainer dreams of becoming Mister Supranational to become an international model.

Back home, he also works as a model. Ián is 1.90 m-tal.

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Mister Supranational Slovakia 2018 enjoys playing football, watching movies and going out with friends.

He hails from Trenčín, a city in western Slovakia which is part of the central Váh River valley.

On December 8th, he will compete for the title Mister Supranational 2018, in a live tecast event held in Krynica Zdrój, in Poland.

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Welcome, Slovakia!

Mister Supranational Ireland 2018

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Emmette Dillon, 30, 1.83 m-tall, from Derry City, is the first ever Mister Supranational Ireland. The representative of the Emerald Island works as a nurse. He is also a pageant coach who has three brothers. He is a twin.

A blogger, he has as a goal in life to become a published author and to work in broadcast journalism.

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Also a song writer, Emmette says he´s been preparing to represent Ireland in Miss Supranational since he saw the first edition. Now he feels ready to do it.

Mister Supranational 2018 will be elected on December 8th, in a live broadcat event from Krynica Zdrój, Poland.

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Welcome, Ireland!

Mister Supranational Canada 2018

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Aaron Mangat, 28, 1.85 m-tall, and a model from Vancouver, British Columbia, has been recently appointed as Mister Supranational Canada 2018.

Mangat holds a Bachelor´s Degree in Communications and works as a model and as a fitness model. He is also a fitness instructor.

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Mister Supranational Canada enjoys playing soccer and has a passion for diferent kinds of cuisines. He has 4 older sisters.

The Canadian hunk says that he collects memories, so that one day he will be able to write a great book, which might be fiction or non-fiction.

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On December 8th, Aaron will be in Krynica-Zdrój, Poland, competing for the title Mister Supranational 2018.

Welcome, Canada!

Mister Supranational Romania 2018

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Romania has chosen its representative to compete in Mister Supranational 2018, and he is Emil Popa, 27, 1.87 m-tal, from Buzau. This former lifeguard is a student and dancer.

He takes pride in well representing Romania wherever he goes, which means that being Mister Supranational Romania is a dream come true for Emil.

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Mister Supranational Romania is also a model who dreams to one day have a large and happy family.

On December 8th he will try to become Romania´s first Mister Supranational, in Poland.

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Welcome, Romania!