Meet Chris Fischer, the special reporter for Mister Supranational 2016

In 2015 Miss Supranational Australia Chris Fischer not only was a Top 10 finalist in Miss Supranational, but she has also charmed everyone around her with her amazing personality, positive comments and spontaneity.

Right after the opening ceremony of Rio´s Olympics, a couple of months ago, Fischer posted a video with her fun review of the show. It immediately caught the attention of Mister Supranational producers:

"We already knew she was a fantastic and very bright young women, but in the video we also saw her ability to observe things and tell a story in a funny and very creative way", said the ´big boss´ Gerhard Lipinski, CEO of Miss and Mister Supranational.

"We invited her to do all the behind the scenes coverage of Mister Supranational in its first edition and we are sure she will deliever pure and original entertainment. We are very happy to have Chris aboard, now behind the cameras", he complemented.

Chris told us she is very excited with this opportunity: "I wasn´t expecting it, what an amazing surprise and opportunity it was to be invited to do this. I promise to do my best to keep everyone informed about what goes on behind the cameras of Mister Supranational".

We can´t wait! Welcome back, Chris!