Executive chef and former Big Brother participant is Mister Supranational UK 2016

In 2008 Rex Newmark gained fame after he lasted for 93 days and placed 4th in Big Brother UK. It was only the beginning of an exciting journey in the "real world"! Today Rex is a talented chef at Beach Blanket Babylon, and now he is Mister Supranational UK 2016!

A native of London, Rex has cooking as one of his greatest passions in life. Mister Supra UK has already won 6 British culinary gold medals and has been working hard to one day own his own hotel and restaurant somewhere in the sun, serving fine dining and beach food.

The person living or dead who he would like to meet the most? "The Queen! Hopefully she will let me cook for her", he told us. Why not?

Meanwhile, Rex is getting prepared to represent the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in the first edition of Mister Supranational, in Poland and Slovakia. The final televised event will happen in Krynica Zdrój, Poland, on December 3rd.

Welcome, UK!