Mister Supranational 2017: the Formal Wear Preliminary competition


The 34 Mister Supranational 2017 delegates competed at the preliminary Formal Wear competition at the Horizon Hotel, in Slovakia. They walked the runway in suits chosen by themselves, showing elegance and posture. 


Not only thousands of people watched it live on line, but the candidates also had the most beautiful audience ready to cheer for them: the Miss Supranational 2017 candidates! The beautiful young women from all 5 continents got the chance to vote for their favorite Mister Supranational candidates and to elect the Miss Supranational Contestant´s Choice for Mister Elegance 2017. 

Spain received the biggest amount of votes, followed by Venezuela and Brazil. 

Earlier at the same event, it was our boys´ turn to play judges, as they elected their favorites in Miss Supranational´s talent competition. Portugal was the chosen one, with Italy placing 2nd and India 3rd.

SEE PHOTO GALLERY HERE (Leonardo Rodrigues)

Meanwhile, the judges scored all of them from 0 to 20 once again. This competition counts as 20% of their total preliminary score. The Top 20 will be revealed on December 2nd, live from Poland. Make sure to watch it!