Mister Supranational United States 2018


The Mister Supranational United States 2018 pageant recently took place in Los Angeles and the winner was Mister Supranational New Mexico, Nicholas Kotselas. Nicholas is 25 years old, 1.93 m-tall, speaks three languages and is a model and a successful restaurateur.

He runs his family’s Greek restaurant, Olympic Cafe, in San Diego, Califórnia, with the utmost dedication and drive, which translates into everything he sets his mind to. Aside from this, he is a professional model and an avid fitness enthusiast.


Nicholas is now getting prepared to represent the US at Mister Supranational 2018, from November 25th to December 8th.

The Mister Supranational USA 2018 pageant was held on Oct.30, 2018 at the Theatre West in Los Angeles, California.


Congratulations and welcome, USA!