Mister Supranational 2018

Prathamesh Received by Indian Consul General in Johannesburg


Mister Supranational 2018, Prathamesh Maulingkar, had the honor of being invited to the Indian Consulate in Johannesburg to meet His Excellency Dr. K.J. Srinivasa following the Supranational Fashion Show Extravaganza at Gold Reef City. Dr. Sinivasa graced the event with his presence coming straight in from Namibia to support our Mister Supranational. “I was adamant to attend to show support to you. You have done our country proud and that should be celebrated,” Dr. Sinivasa told Prathamesh.

During their meeting, Mister Supranational and the Consul General spoke about their home states and also discussed the cause Prathamesh is supporting during his year. Dr. Srinivasa also spoke out length about his experiences in South Africa and the African continent, which he described as extremely beautiful.


“We are very proud of you and I will follow your journey this year with great interest. You can also count on my support in the future. I wish you all the very best and I know that you will continue to make India proud,” Dr. Srinivasa said. Speaking about his meeting with the Consul General, Prathamesh said, “Meeting His Excellency was an incredible and humbling experience for me. I really appreciate his support and encouragement.”

Prathamesh Supports Great Cause in Vietnam


Mister Supranational, Prathamesh Maulingkar, visited the Linh Son Pagoda Orphanage in Ho Chi Minh City with Nguyen Ngoc Chau, the reigning Miss Supranational Vietnam, and Minh Tu Nguyen, Miss Supranational 2018 top 10 finalist and Miss Supranational Asia. The visit was organized by the Miss and Mister Supranational Vietnam Organization.


Sixty two children are currently cared for at the Linh Son Pagoda and the team spent 2 hours visiting the orphanage. Prathamesh and Mister Supranational Creative Director presented the Head of the Orphanage a donation of VND 5,000,000 and hampers of products that they need for their work.


“It was an honor for me to spend time with the children here. The joy and happiness on their faces made the day very special. I was very touched by the dedication of the staff and I hope to be back again for another visit. These children deserve a happy childhood, like all other children in this world,” Prathamesh said as he thanked the management for the work they do.

Press Conference at Goa Marriott


The incredible management and staff of the Goa Marriott Resort and Spa have shown the Miss and Mister Supranational Organization to true hospitality during the past year. Not only did they host Miss Supranational 2017, Jenny Kim, and Creative Director, Andre Sleigh, during their trip to Goa in last year, but they also hosted a press conference during Mister Supranational 2018, Prathamesh Maulingkar’s homecoming celebration.


General Manager, Mr. Gaurav Apte, welcomed Prathamesh, Andre and the Miss India Team back for a lunch meeting followed by a press conference. It was the first time for Prathamesh to meet the local media following his win. During the press conference, Andre explained the vision and mission to the Mister Supranational Organization to the members of the media attending. Speaking of Prathmaesh he said, “ We are delighted to welcome the Pride of Goa to our family. He will be a wonderful ambassador for Goa and India, but let’s not forget that he is now also an ambassador for all the 38 countries that shared the stage with him in Krynica-Zdroj.”

Our new Mister Supranational was given the opportunity to address the media to thank them for their ongoing support since he won the title of Mister Supranational India at the end of 2017. He also received many questions from the media. Prathamesh spoke about his excitement about being the first Indian and Asian man to win the title, his love for his home state and also his plans for the future.

“Of course, I am interested in pursuing all the opportunities coming my way and I will try my very best to capitalize on them. I also really want to support my state and be a fantastic ambassador for Goa during my reign and after.” Asked about his advocacy, Maulingkar became very serious, “Call me Aquaman, a water baby, anything to do with the water and I take it as a big compliment. I love the ocean and spend a great deal of my time in it. What concerns me most is the amount of plastic pollution I see nowadays. It’s already almost too late. We must act now and that will be my greatest advocacy during my reign.”


Once the press conference had concluded, Mr Apte surprised Prathamesh with most incredible victory cake made by the world famous Goa Baking Company Cake Shop in the hotel. “This cake really tells a story. It’s a true representation of me and everything that is important to me,” Prathamesh smiled. “It’s so beautiful, I am finding it hard to cut it,” he continued before finally cutting the cake and in honor of one of the customs in his country, feeding both Apte and Sleigh a piece of his victory cake before tasting it himself.

The Mister Supranational Organization would like to extend our sincere gratitude to Mister Gaurav Apte and his staff at the Goa Marriott Resort and Spa for their hospitality and support.

Goa Celebrates Their Golden Boy

Photo courtesy of the Times of India

Photo courtesy of the Times of India

Following his welcome in the massive city of Mumbai, it was time for India’s smallest state, Goa, to show their love for their new Mister Supranational, Prathamesh Maulingkar. Goa is, of course, famous for its beautiful beaches and the tourism industry is booming, but to Prathamesh it’s just home. Despite a 5 am flight, he could not contain his excitement as he boarded the plane. “I am going home! Goa, here I come!” he exclaimed as he boarded the plane.


Upon arrival, his family, friends and supporters were waiting for him, chanting his name as he stepped out of the arrivals hall. His delighted family were beaming with pride and there were hugs all around as they finally go their chance to welcome their loved one back. Prathamesh greeted every person who showed up personally.

As the team made their way to the Maulingkar family home in Tivim, we spotted posters all along the roadsides offering congratulations to Prathamesh for becoming the first Indian and Asian Mister Supranational. Interestingly, it was also this small village that produced a similar feat in 1966 with Dr. Reita Faria in London.

Waiting for Maulingkar at his family home, was his mentor Wendell Rodricks, who told him how proud he was of him. Rodricks was the one who spotted his potential as a model when a serious injury ended his dreams of a football career.

But there was someone else Maulingkar could not wait to see, his “baby” Zeus, a five year old Rottweiler. Zeus, who is not too fond of strangers, turned into a puppy when he saw his “dad” and the two were all over each other on the floor as photographers clicked away. Once Zeus was safely locked away, Prathamesh, some of his friends, the Times of India and Zoom TV, and Miss/Mister Supranational Creative Director, Andre Sleigh, accompanied him to his favorite breakfast spot for a traditional Goan breakfast.

Photos courtesy of Times of India and Goa Times!

Special thanks also to the Goa Airport for their patience and kind treatment from all of us at the Mister Supranational Organization!

Hero's Welcome For Prathamesh in Mumbai


Mister Supranational 2018, Prathamesh Maulingkar, who became the first man from India and Asia to win the Mister Supranational title, was greeted back in his homeland with a hero’s welcome when he touched down in Mumbai. Dozens of members of the media, eager fans and even a special surprise in the form of his sister showing up greeted the ecstatic new Mister Supranational. “I still can’t process it,” Maulingkar beamed as he was whisked away to his hotel. “It’s incredible. I can really feel the love and I am just so honoured and blessed.”

Prathamesh had an intense schedule of media, television and radio interviews, which meant very little sleep and lost of handshakes, hugs and conversation. He impressed everyone with his charm and charisma as he spoke about his journey to the title, his plans for the year and the future. “Like I always do, this year you will see me giving 100% of my focus and energy,” he expressed on more than one occasion.

Nivedita Saboo, the woman behind our Mister Supranational’s incredible sense of style, also threw a lavish party in his honor. Times of India MD, Mr. Vineet Jain, took time out of his incredibly busy schedule to come and congratulate Prathamesh in person. Miss and Mister India National Director, Natasha Grover, also thanked their latest title holder for making their country proud. “Prathamesh, we have always believed in you and your hard work and dedication paid off. You truly deserve this,” she said before planting a congratulatory kiss on his cheek. “Prathamesh, you represented your country with so much passion and pride and now you will do the same for our organization and all the other countries that shared the stage with you. I am so honoured to welcome you to our family,” said Miss and Mister Supranational Creative Director, Andre Sleigh.

Showing how loved he is in his home country, the event was also graced with the presence of some of the big names in the beauty pageant industry such as Manushi Chhillar, Rohit Khandelwal, Meenakshi Chaudhary, Nehal Chudasama, Peden Ongmu, Vishnu Menon, Jitesh Singh Deo and Althamash Faraz among others.

Mister Supranational Argentina 2018

site Argentina1.jpg

Jorge Piantelli, 20, 1.88 m-tall, a model from Buenos Aires, is Mister Supranational Argentina 2018.

Jorge studies Journalism and is already working as a television host. Technology development and sports activities are among his hobbies, and he´s a fan of John Paul the II, who, in his view, changed spirituality for better.

site Argentina4.jpg

Argentina returns to Mister Supranational after two years and will appear on the live competition, on December 8th, in Krynica Zdroj, Poland.

site Argentina2.jpg

Welcome, Argentina!

Mister Supranational Malta 2018

site malta3.jpg

Benoit Bartolo, 20, from the city of Pieta, was the winner of Mister Supranational Malta 2018. He will now get ready to compete in Mister Supranational 2018, in Poland.

Benoit is a Finance and Administration executive working for the Maltese government. He´s also a model. Traveling, cooking and photography are among the Maltese hunk´s passions.

He loves sports and has been the capitain to Malta´s national basketball team when it won a gold medal in na international tournment.

site malta1.jpg

Malta will try to conquer its first Mister Supranational title after strong showings in 2016 and 2017. In 2017 this small and stunning Mediterranean island´s representative was elected Mister Supranational Europe, a major achievement without a doubt!

site malta2.jpg

Welcome, Malta!

Mister Supranational Hawaii 2018

site Hawaii1.jpg

Jona Kamoku, 33, 1.75 m-tall, from Wailuku, Maui, is the 2018 Mister Supranational Hawaii 2018. Hawaii is returning to the dispute of the Mister Supranational title after two years.

Jona is a spa manager who enjoys doing community service and spending his spare time on the beach.

site Hawaii2.jpg

He would love to one day meet Ellen Degeneris for her talent, kindness and the way she embraces and promotes diversity.

Hawaii will be presente in Krynica Zdroj on December 8th, when during a 2-hour live telecast the new Mister Supranational will be elected!

site Hawaii4.jpg

Welcome back, Hawaii!

Mister Supranational Korea 2018

site Korea3.jpg

For the first time South Korea will participate in Mister Supranational. Mister Supranational Korea 2018 is Cheong Woo Park, 29, from the city of Gwang ju.

In addition to being a model and na actor, Park holds a degree in Architecture and works as a construction director. He practice tae kwon do regularly.

site Korea1.jpg

The first Mister Supranational Korea is in to charity and has visited Cambodia to help the poor children of that country.

He will join other 40 finalists on the stage of Mister Supranational 2018, on December 8th, live from Krynica Zdroj, Poland.

site Korea2.jpg

Welcome, Korea!

Mister Supranational Peru 2018

site Peru3.jpg

Andres Vilchez is Mister Surpanational Peru 2018. He is 30 years old and hails from Callao, Lima.

A graduate of Communication Sciences and Interior Design, today he works as a Marketing planner and a model.

site Peru1.jpg

The new Mister Supranational Peru enjoys swimming and being close to the sea. Playing football and practicing kung fu help him keeping his good shape.

He will be in Krynika Zdroj, on December 8th, competing for the title Mister Supranational 2018.

site Peru 2.jpg

Welcome, Peru!

Mister Supranational Suriname 2018

suriname site 2.jpg

Angelo Wijngaarde, 24, and a native of Paramaribo, is Mister Supranational Suriname 2018. A student of Public Administration currently working at a major department store in Suriname´s capital city, he loves cooking and writing short stories and quotes.

Mister Supranational Suriname keeps his good shape by practing kickboxing.

angelo wijngaarde 4.JPEG

Among his goals in life are having a family and running his own business.

On December 8th he will be in Krynica Zdroj, Poland, competing for the title Mister Supranational 2018.

suriname site 1.jpg

Welcome, Suriname!

Mister Supranational Myanmar 2018

site My1.jpg

Mister Supranational Myanmar 2018 is Ellis Lwin, 26, from the city of Mohnyin. Good with numbers, Ellis holds a BA in Mathematics and manages his family´s business.

Also a model, Ellis loves to travel and dancing. He is 1.77 m-tall.

site my2.jpg

And get this: Mister Supranational Myanmar 2018 speaks 4 languages! We guess he won´t have problems communicating when in Poland, competing for the Mister Supranational 2018 title!

You already know: the final show will be broadcasted live, from Krynica Zdroj, on December 8th.

my site 3.jpg

Welcome, Myanmar!

Mister Supranational Slovakia 2018

site slovakia7.jpg

Ján Palko has been selected as Mister Supranational Slovakia 2018. This 28-year-old personal trainer dreams of becoming Mister Supranational to become an international model.

Back home, he also works as a model. Ián is 1.90 m-tal.

site slovakia1.jpg

Mister Supranational Slovakia 2018 enjoys playing football, watching movies and going out with friends.

He hails from Trenčín, a city in western Slovakia which is part of the central Váh River valley.

On December 8th, he will compete for the title Mister Supranational 2018, in a live tecast event held in Krynica Zdrój, in Poland.

site slovakia2.jpg

Welcome, Slovakia!

Mister Supranational Ireland 2018

site banner_Ireland.jpg

Emmette Dillon, 30, 1.83 m-tall, from Derry City, is the first ever Mister Supranational Ireland. The representative of the Emerald Island works as a nurse. He is also a pageant coach who has three brothers. He is a twin.

A blogger, he has as a goal in life to become a published author and to work in broadcast journalism.

site Ireland3.jpg

Also a song writer, Emmette says he´s been preparing to represent Ireland in Miss Supranational since he saw the first edition. Now he feels ready to do it.

Mister Supranational 2018 will be elected on December 8th, in a live broadcat event from Krynica Zdrój, Poland.

site Ireland6.jpg

Welcome, Ireland!

Mister Supranational Canada 2018

site Canada2.jpg

Aaron Mangat, 28, 1.85 m-tall, and a model from Vancouver, British Columbia, has been recently appointed as Mister Supranational Canada 2018.

Mangat holds a Bachelor´s Degree in Communications and works as a model and as a fitness model. He is also a fitness instructor.

site Canada 3.jpg

Mister Supranational Canada enjoys playing soccer and has a passion for diferent kinds of cuisines. He has 4 older sisters.

The Canadian hunk says that he collects memories, so that one day he will be able to write a great book, which might be fiction or non-fiction.

site Canada1.jpg

On December 8th, Aaron will be in Krynica-Zdrój, Poland, competing for the title Mister Supranational 2018.

Welcome, Canada!

Mister Supranational Romania 2018

site Romania3.jpg

Romania has chosen its representative to compete in Mister Supranational 2018, and he is Emil Popa, 27, 1.87 m-tal, from Buzau. This former lifeguard is a student and dancer.

He takes pride in well representing Romania wherever he goes, which means that being Mister Supranational Romania is a dream come true for Emil.

site Romania1.jpg

Mister Supranational Romania is also a model who dreams to one day have a large and happy family.

On December 8th he will try to become Romania´s first Mister Supranational, in Poland.

site Romania2.jpg

Welcome, Romania!

Mister Supranational Spain 2018

site Spain1.jpg

Mister Supranational Spain 2018 is Fabian Perez Fernandez, a rapper from the city of Sevilla. At the age of 22, Fabian is also a model who stands at 1.94 m.

A shy child, Mister Supranational Spain claims that being on stage performing his music or participating in pageants, has helped him to be more outgoing and confident. Earlier this year, he representted his country in Mister Global, in Thailand.

site Spain 4.jpg

He will be in Poland from November 25th until December 8th, to compete for the Mister Supranational 2018 title.

site Spain 2.jpg

Welcome, Spain!

Mister Supranational Norway 2018

site norway4.jpg

Another newcomer nation in Mister Supranational 2018 is Norway! The Scandinavian country will be represented in Poland by Mathias Duma, 23 years old, from Lorenskog, a municipality located near Oslo.

A professional model, Mister Supranational Norway 2018 is 1.84 m-tall and speaks three languages: Norwegian, English and Polish.

site norway2.jpg

By taking part in Mister Supranational 2018, he hopes to have a great cultural experience and earn more space in the modeling industry.

On December 8th he will try to become Norway´s first Mister Supranational and male Grand Slam winner, in a live telecast event which will take place in Krynica-Sdrój, Poland.

site norway6.jpg

Welcome, Mister Supranational Norway!

Mister Supranational Russia 2018

site Russia5.jpg

Mikhail Baranov, 32, 1.83 m-tal, and a model from St. Petesburg, is the first ever Mister Supranational Russia.

Mikhail is also a professional singer who has won many awards in his country. In addition to that, he´s a shoe designer and the owner of a brand called Posh, which is also his nickname.

Quite ecletic, Mister Supranational Russia 2018 goes from Reading Tolstoy´s “War and Peace”, to having Reese Witherspoon´s Legally Blonde movie hit as his favorite.

site Russia1.jpg

The Russian hunk loves and practices all kinds of sports, including mastering the Nordic combination.

He will be in Krynica-Zdrój on December 8th, competing for the title Mister Supranational 2018 during a live telecast event.

site Russia 3.jpg

Welcome, Mister Supranational Russia 2018!

Dominican Republic to debut in Mister Supranational this year

site DR3.jpg

The Spanish-speaking Caribbean nation of the Dominican Republic will debut in Mister Supranational in 2018. Daniel Sicheneder Rodriguez, 21, from Santo Domingo, has been the chosen one. He is Mister Supranational Dominican Republic 2018.

Daniel is a sports enthusiast who enjoys playing football, baseball and volleyball. He also works out regularly in the gym to keep his great shape.

site DR2.jpg

Mister Supranational Dominican Republic is 1.85 m-tall.

He will be in Poland starting on November 25th to compete in the 3rd edition of Mister Supranational. The live telecast from the city of Krynica-Zdrój will happen on December 8th.

Bienvenido, Mister Supranational Dominican Republic!

site DR1.jpg