Mister Supranational Chile 2019


Mister Supranational Chile 2019 is Mario Irazzoky. He is 24 years old and stands 1.85m tall. Mario is currently working as an independent entrepreneur and is currently in his final year as a student of psychology. As a sports lover, he dedicated himself to tennis when he was a child and he considers qualifying in his category to play at Roland Garros (French Open) as one of his greatest achievements. Besides tennis, he is also extremely passionate about soccer and boxing.


Mario describes himself as “a man of goals” as he loved working and achieving since he was a child. He believes that when people are really passionate about their goals, they have no limits. He aims to live his life in complete balance with his essence as a person. Mario enjoys helping others and also dreams of making meaningful contributions to his city, Coquimbo. His greatest immediate ambition is to win the title of Mister Supranational 2019 for his country, Chile. “I want all those who support and enjoy these contestants in my country to be proud of their representative and winning the title will bring them great pride and joy,” he explains.


Welcome to the #Suprafamily, Mario, and we will see you in Poland!