Mister Supranational Poland 2019


Tomasz Zarzycki is Mister Supranational Poland 2019. Tomek (as his family and friends call him) is from Lodz and stands 1.88m tall. He was elected Mister Poland in January 2019. 26 year old Tomasz is currently working as a full-time model and has worked for big brands in Europe and Asia.


In his free time, he enjoys snowboarding, wake-boarding and long-boarding, as well as traveling. He has a passion for cars and enjoys learning more about them. He describes himself as a positive person with good vibes. Tomasz believes in giving his best in every opportunity he gets because they every experience teaches a person new, valuable skills.

As host contestant, Tomek hopes to show the other delegates the best of Polish hospitality. Welcome to the #Suprafamily, Tomasz.

Mister Supranational 2019 Final to take Place at MCK International Congress Center


Gerhard Parzutka von Lipinski, President of the Miss Supranational Organization, announced today that the 2019 Mister Supranational Competition will take place at the International Congress Center (MCK) in Katowice, SilesiaThe International Congress Centre was established in the heart of the Culture Zone, in a new and revitalized space near the iconic Spodek and other unique buildings such as the seat of the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra and the Silesian Museum.


"The MCK/ICC is a state of the art venue that has hosted many world class events and this year the world’s leading annual male pageant will join the list. We are going to show the world the beauty and positive energy of Silesia and put on a spectacular show in one of the best venues in Poland. I would like to invite the world to keep their eyes on Poland as we choose our 4th Mister Supranational. There will be great entertainment, an entertaining 2 hour production and some of the most handsome men in the world! " Parzutka von Lipinski said.


The 4th Mister Supranational Competition will take place on Saturday, December 7th from 4pm to 6pm (local time) during a spectacular live final. Viewers in more than 130 countries will tune in as the reigning Mister Supranational, Prathamesh Maulingkar from India, will hand over his title to Mister Supranational 2019 at the conclusion of the event.

*Tickets for the live final will go on sale in early November. *

Mister Supranational France 2019


Mavryck Clavel is Mister Supranational France 2019. He is 19 years old, stands 1.81m tall and is from Lyon. Mavryck is a qualified carpenter. At the moment, he is also taking classes to become a hairdresser and barber. He is currently spending lots of time in the gym and learning English in preparation for the Mister Supranational competition.


In his free time, Mavryck enjoy playing football, traveling and spending time with his friends. When he has free time, he also works as a print and runway model. Mavryck's goal is to be signed by a famous modeling agency and wants to be the face of a popular men's fragrance.


Welcome to the #Suprafamily Mavryck. See you in Poland.

Mister Supranational 2019 Final to Take Place in Katowice, Silesia


Gerhard Parzutka von Lipinski, President of the Mister Supranational Organization, announced today that Katowice, the heart of Poland's Silesia Province will host the final of the 4th Mister Supranational Competition on Saturday, December 7th.


"Following our previous announcement that the Mister Supranational Competition will be hosted by Silesia for the very first time, it gives me great pleasure to introduce our host city, Katowice, to the world. Katowice is a modern, vibrant city and is described as the heart of Silesia. What was once a mainly industrial city is now also a nature-friendly city of the future thanks to the incredible transformation it has undergone over the last two decades," Mr. Parzutka von Lipinski said.


"Apart from still being the industrial giant of Poland, the city is also now an attractive destination for tourism and hosts many world-class events every year. Katowice is known for it's musical culture and has been awarded the title of 'Creative City of Music' by UNESCO. This incredible city and province has so much to offer and we are very excited to bring our contestants here for the final of Mister Supranational 2019. We also look forward to meeting our national directors, Supra fans and  the families and friends of our contestants in Katowice, Silesia this December," Mr. Parzutka von Lipinski added.


The Mister Supranational 2019 Competition will be televised in more than 120 countries all around the world. The reigning Mister Supranational, Prathamesh Maulingkar from India, will hand over the title to his successor at the conclusion of this year's thrilling final.


Mister Supranational Jamaica 2019


Rayon Davis is Mister Supranational Jamaica 2019. 29 year old Rayon is a customs officer and accounting student, and is currently in his third year of studies. Standing 1.85m tall, he enjoys dancing, swimming, roller skating, listening to some vibrant reggae music and hiking in the green and rich landscapes of Jamaica's blue mountains. He loves to model and hopes to pave his way as a runway model on the international stage. Rayon describes himself as determined and as someone who never gives up no matter what adversities life throws at him.


Rayon aspires to be a high level customs officer in the Jamaica Customs Agency, and will soon complete his accounting degree to help further his career in the future. Rayon is and ambassador for the Jamaica AIDS Support for Life (JASL), where he is an advocate for persons living with HIV/AIDS, and hopes to bring awareness on the subject to help erase the stigma surrounding it and the persons affected. Rayon is also a brand ambassador for Premier Gentlemen designs, a leading designer brand in Jamaica and a brand ambassador for Studio35 Jamaica, one of the best photographers in Jamaica.


Rayon is a firm believer that with hard work and perseverance, one can achieve anything. He hopes to inspire young men, especially in his home of Jamaica, to aspire to greatness and have high goals no matter which walk of life they come from. Rayon is passionate about uplifting the youth of Jamaica, especially the children, and plans to create a charitable organization geared towards helping children in special needs homes and hospitals. He lives by the motto " Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them are what makes life meaningful."- Joshua J. Marine.

Welcome to the #Suprafamily Rayone and we will see you in Poland!

Mister Supranational Chile 2019


Mister Supranational Chile 2019 is Mario Irazzoky. He is 24 years old and stands 1.85m tall. Mario is currently working as an independent entrepreneur and is currently in his final year as a student of psychology. As a sports lover, he dedicated himself to tennis when he was a child and he considers qualifying in his category to play at Roland Garros (French Open) as one of his greatest achievements. Besides tennis, he is also extremely passionate about soccer and boxing.


Mario describes himself as “a man of goals” as he loved working and achieving since he was a child. He believes that when people are really passionate about their goals, they have no limits. He aims to live his life in complete balance with his essence as a person. Mario enjoys helping others and also dreams of making meaningful contributions to his city, Coquimbo. His greatest immediate ambition is to win the title of Mister Supranational 2019 for his country, Chile. “I want all those who support and enjoy these contestants in my country to be proud of their representative and winning the title will bring them great pride and joy,” he explains.


Welcome to the #Suprafamily, Mario, and we will see you in Poland!

Mister Supranational Bolivia 2019


Wilder Suarez Ortiz is Mister Supranational Bolivia 2019. He is 21 years old and stands 1.9m tall. Wilder is currently a student of Marketing/Neuro Marketing and is a Leader Networker. He enjoys modeling, acting and DJ-ing.


Apart from representing his country at the 4th edition of Mister Supranational, Wilder hopes to release new techno and techno-house grooves music material in the near future. His long-term goals include becoming a well-known actor and DJ. He is inspired by one of Michael Jordan’s famous quotes, “You have to expect great things from yourself before doing them.”


Welcome to the #Suprafamily, Wilder and see you in Poland!

Mister Supranational Netherlands 2019


Mitch Hart is Mister Supranational Netherlands 2019. He is 31 years old and stands 1.83m tall. Mitch is a police officer and lives in Amsterdam. In his free time, he enjoys playing the piano and guitar and loves listening to music. One of his other great passions is fitness. He enjoys spending time in the gym and helping some of his clients develop their knowledge and skills in this area.


In the future, Mitch hopes to be the face of a well-known fitness or fashion brand. He also dreams of inspiring others with his dedication towards fitness, great personality and positive mindset. Mitch is a firm believer in the saying, “Great things do not come from comfort zones.”


Welcome to the #Suprafamily, Mitch hard. See you in Poland!

Mister Supranational 2019 To Take Place on December 7 in Silesia Province


Gerhard Parzutka von Lipinski, President of the Mister Supranational Organization, announced today that Poland’s Silesia Province will host the final of the 4th Mister Supranational Competition for the first time on December 7.

“Silesia Province is known for its rich fascinating history, scenic landscapes and rich mineral and natural resources. The successful economic transformation that has been brought about here in recent years is an example to the world of what can be achieved with “Positive Energy”, which is the slogan of the province. Combining traditional industry with modern technology, Silesia has managed to adapt to the modern-day social and economic challenges,” says Mr. Parzutka von Lipinski.


“This year we will showcase to the world what Silesia Province is all about and I am delighted to bring the Mister Supranational Competition here for the first time. Expect to learn more about the beauty of this province and the many tourist attractions such as the Industrial Monuments Route, which represents the industrial heritage of this region,” adds Parzutka von Lipinski.

Approximately 40 young men from across the world will travel to Poland to compete for the title of Mister Supranational 2019. The pageant will be telecasted to viewers in more than 130 countries. The reigning Mister Supranational, Prathamesh Maulingkar from India, will hand over his title to the next winner at the conclusion of the event.




The Mister Supranational Competition was created in 2016 and was held in the beautiful city of Krynica-Zdroj, Poland.  The first ever group of contestants came from almost 40 countries around the world. Today, after 3 years, it is known as the leading competition of its kind for men. Mister Supranational has developed into one of the world’s most prestigious live TV shows. The show’s television audience has grown remarkably quickly and now reaches an estimated audience of more than 380 million television viewers around the world.  Our growing social media presence adds to that number.

For more information, contact info@mistersupranational.com  

Mister Supranational Algeria 2019


Amar Mohammedi (29) from Algiers is the first Mister Supranational Algeria. He stands 1.85m tall and holds a degree in English Language and Literature. His hobbies are working out, traveling to learn more about new cultures and taking part in charitable activities.


Mister Supranational Algeria 2019 is a fitness enthusiast. He has a black belt in karate and is a full contact champion. Amar also works as a fitness coach and personal trainer. In the future, he aims to pursue opportunities in the film and fashion industries.


Welcome to the Suprafamily, Mister Algeria. See you in Poland.

Mister Supranational Indonesia 2019

8. Enrique (The Best Body).jpg

19 year old Enrique Dustin is Mister Supranational Indonesia 2019. He stands 1.82m tall and is based in Jakarta. Henrique is currently studying Economics majoring in Branding. He is also a fitness influencer and fitness trainer.

8. Enrique - Banten 1.jpg

His biggest passion and hobby is working out, so he spends most of his time doing fitness and functional training. He wants to inspire young people to start living a healthy lifestyle from a young age. As he is also still young, he want to encourage other people of his age to follow their dreams regardless of their age.

Welcome to the #suprafamily and see you in Poland, Mister Supranational Indonesia!

Mister Supranational Romania 2019


Bogdan Nicolae (31) from Bucharest is Mister Supranational Romania 2019. He stands 1.85m tall and speaks Romanian, Spanish and English fluently. Bodgan holds a degree in Business Management and a Masters in Computer Engineering. He is currently working as a business analyst and model. Since 2015, our Mister Supranational Romania has been working in the fashion industry working with well-known brands from Spain and Romania in several Fashion weeks and posing for fashion magazine such us Vogue, Schön and Cosmopolitan.


Traveling, business, sports, fashion, business and understanding different cultures are amongst the things that make Bogdan happy. He trains in the gym 5-6 a week to stay fit, enjoys running outdoors to stay connected to nature and dancing.


In the future, Bogdan wants to be a successful entrepreneur and open a charity association to help children without a roof. He lives by the motto“Beauty isn’t about appearance, the important factor is inner beauty- humility, respect for others, ambition, being the best version of yourself and a role model for others”

See you in Poland, Mister Supranational Romania 2019!

Mister Supranational Mexico 2019


Gustavo Dousset Ayala (22) was recently chosen to be Mister Supranational Mexico 2019. He comes from Huatabumpo, Sonoro, stands 1.86m tall and is currently a student of Business Administration. Gus is currently also a model in his free time and is taking English classes in preparation for his participation in the 4th edition of Mister Supranational.


His hobbies include making new friends, dancing and taking part in sports. He is passionate about helping others and educating others about the benefits of living a healthy life. In the future, he aspires to complete his degree, work for a well-known company and develop his modeling and acting careers. Gus believes that anything is possible with hard work and dedication. He believes that humility and gratitude for life are qualities every person should possess. Gus is also an advocate for environmental awareness.


Welcome to the #Suprafamily and see you in Poland, Mister Supranational Mexico!

Mister Supranational Philippines 2019


Denver Hernandez (25) from Manila has been selected to hold the title of Mister Supranational Philippines 2019. He stands 1.78m tall and is currently working as a financial consultant. His hobbies include sports, music, cooking and traveling. Denver describes himself as fearless and someone who never gives up.


Being a fitness enthusiast, Denver hopes to use his platform to empower people through fitness. One of the goals for the future is to become the most influential figure in the fitness industry in his country. He would also like to be a successful businessman.


Welcome to the #suprafamily and see you in Poland, Denver!

Mister Supranational South Africa 2019


22 year old law student, Rushil Jina, was named the first ever Mister Supranational South Africa at the Supranational Fashion Show Extravaganza last month. Rushil is from Johannesburg, stands 1.89m tall and he is currently in his third year of studies. He is also a model and actor in his free time. The new Mister Supranational South Africa has a love for the art of dance as he believes it is a form of expressing one's self, without the use of words. In his free time, he enjoys taking long walks, working out and socializing.


Rushil aspires to be a top notch criminal lawyer in the future and also hopes to carve out a career in international modeling as a runway model. He believes that with perseverance, dedication and hard work, he can achieve anything. Rushil has an ambition to help rid the planet of single use plastics and does clean up campaigns around his neighborhood with his close friends. He is also the Director of the "Caring hearts, Helping Hands" foundation where he regularly cooks on open fires and feeds those less fortunate than himself. Welcome to the Suprafamily, Rushil!


Mister Supranational Dominican Republic 2019


Angel Enrique Holguin was recently named Mister Supranational Dominican Republic 2019. He is 25 years old and stands 1.85cm tall. Angel is from Santo Domingo and is currently a student Business Management. He has been working as actor and has also modelled for top brands in his country. Fitness is one of his top priorities in his free time and he also enjoy reading when he has time to relax.


In the future, Angel wants to be a successful entrepreneur and hopes to own several companies that will focus on his wide range of interests such as a clothing brand (fashion), restaurant (food), and an entertainment company that will focus on concerts (music). He also hopes to be a role model to others by setting a good example of living a good life.


Angel will be joining us at the end of year for the 4th edition of Mister Supranational. The Dominican Republic joined the Mister Supranational Competition last year and achieved a top 10 spot as well as the Mister Supranational Caribbean title. Welcome to the #Suprafamily Angel!