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Mister Supranational Indonesia 2019

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19 year old Enrique Dustin is Mister Supranational Indonesia 2019. He stands 1.82m tall and is based in Jakarta. Henrique is currently studying Economics majoring in Branding. He is also a fitness influencer and fitness trainer.

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His biggest passion and hobby is working out, so he spends most of his time doing fitness and functional training. He wants to inspire young people to start living a healthy lifestyle from a young age. As he is also still young, he want to encourage other people of his age to follow their dreams regardless of their age.

Welcome to the #suprafamily and see you in Poland, Mister Supranational Indonesia!

New National License Holders in Indonesia


The Mister Supranational Organization is delighted to announce that the Mister Supranational national franchise for Indonesia has been awarded to Nutrifood. Their L-Men of the Year competition will serve as the official national preliminary to find a contestant to represent Indonesia on the Mister Supranational stage.

“For almost 40 years, Nutrifood has been committing to share and contribute on how people could live a joyful, nutritious life through leading and reputable brands, one of which is L-Men. Founded in Semarang, Indonesia, Nutrifood has been distributing the products all across more than 30 countries. Our business is developed based on scientific knowledge. Together with the academic community, we shall continuously search for more knowledge and findings, in order to increase people's wellness,” explains Nutrifood CEO, Mardi Wu.

Indonesia’s representative for Mister Supranational 2019 will be selected from the L-Men of the Year Competition.

Indonesia’s representative for Mister Supranational 2019 will be selected from the L-Men of the Year Competition.

“L-Men, nutrition for men, has been innovatively inspiring and helping men perform optimally, through ideal body and healthy lifestyle. L-Men has been distributed nationally and internationally, through markets and also online marketplaces. By partnering with Mister Supranational, L-Men aims to exponentially inspire more men to practice healthy and positive lifestyle. We would also gladly promote Mister Supranational along with the values through our online and offline promotional assets,” Wu continued.

The President of the Mister Supranational Organization, Gerhard von Lipinski, welcomes Nutrifood as the official new license holders of the Mister Supranational franchise in Indonesia. “I have great faith in this organization and look forward to a positive and successful partnership as we strengthen the brand in Indonesia.”